BME 230L: Women's Health and Technologies

Spring 2022

Instructor: Nimmi Ramanujam

This course will give students an opportunity to learn about global poverty and how it disproportionately affects women. Working in teams, students will investigate how design thinking can be used to explore, understand and generate solutions to global challenges. The course will focus on the human element of human-centered design. By experiencing and reflecting on a collaborative design process, each student will develop a unique set of answers to difficult but meaningful questions. What is the role of engineering design in our attempts to solve global challenges? Why is it important to have multiple perspectives represented and what are the dangers of a design team with few viewpoints? Why is it important to partner with community members when you seek to solve a problem in that community? What are the challenges with working with community partners and what are strategies to overcome these challenges? How can design thinking be applied to problems that cannot be solved with engineering?

  • GLHLTH 230L
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