ISS 380: Visualizing Cities: Representing Urban Landscapes, Cultures and Environments

Spring 2023

Instructor: Victoria Szabo, Edward Triplett

This course explores the visualization of cities in theory and practice, including the digital and visual representation of landscapes, structures, environments, history, culture, architecture, events and populations. Students will explore change over time, cultural heritage, possible futures and alternate pasts from historical, cultural, documentary and scientific evidence and archives. Students also examine the idea of the city as a conceptual category and metaphor; ubiquitous computing in urban environments as a medium for interaction; global cities and diaspora; and visual imagery and written accounts. In the course, students will use mapping, imaging, 3D, augmented reality and games and will engage in individual and group research and production of visualizing cities projects.

  • VMS 380
  • HISTORY 406
  • ARTHIST 382
  • CMAC 380
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