ENVIRON 245-01: Theory and Practice Sustainability

Spring 2022

Instructor: Charlotte Clark, Tavey Capps

This course explores theories and practices of sustainability with application to the Duke campus environment, including economic, social and environmental factors, and a local to global reach.

Duke’s campus will be used as a case study to illustrate institutional practices including building design and operations, utility supply and consumption, carbon offsets design and calculation, transportation, water, sustainability education and communication, behavior change, waste production and recycling, and procurement. In a service-learning project, students might perform sustainability inventories and cost/benefit analyses, or gather behavior change data.

This course has three interwoven objectives. First, at a personal scale, students will consider the sustainability impact of their own behavior choices. Second, on a campus scale, students will engage in a specific sustainability project related to the Duke Campus. Third, on a national/international scale, students will study the breadth of sustainability issues including economic, social and environmental factors, and the local to global reach of sustainability challenges.

Research methods, project design and data analysis will be taught in the course and applied through a campus sustainability project. Students will work with Duke clients to improve the sustainable practices of the campus experience.

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  • SUSTAIN 245-01
  • Service-Learning/Community-Engaged Course
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