Global Health

Global HealthThe health of individuals and populations depends greatly on where and how people live in the world. Access to quality health care, information about disease prevention and the environmental impact on health vary widely around the world. Global stability depends on the reduction of these and other health disparities.

Bass Connections in Global Health supports students and faculty working to address health disparities worldwide through an integrated suite of education programs and activities on campus and in the field. Recognizing that a sustained comprehension of global health can come only through immersive experiences and collaboration with community partners, Bass Connections in Global Health offers opportunities for students – undergraduate through doctoral – to participate in coursework, experiential learning and field projects to find solutions to global health challenges.

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Educational Pathways

Students can get involved in the Global Health theme through a variety of activities. Interested students are encouraged to enroll in one of the gateway courses or attend Bass Connection events throughout the academic year.


In addition to project teams, Bass Connections in Global Health offers two semester-long interdisciplinary courses in the Fall; there are also several related courses of interest.


Receive individualized guidance on how to incorporate Bass Connections into your Duke experience.

Student Stories

Check out students’ experiences in Global Health.

Theme Leader

Bass Connections in Global Health is led by Mary Story, Professor of Community and Family Medicine and Global Health, and Associate Director for Academic Programs.

At a Glance

Working creatively and collectively to address health disparities worldwide
9 project teams in 2016-17
2 interdisciplinary courses


Mar 31

The conference focuses on undergraduate research and scholarship at the 15 ACC member schools and represents the power and synergy that can exist between athletics and academics. Bass Connections Student Advisory Council co-chair Indrani Saha will be a speaker.

Apr 04

Health Systems Strengthening: What is it? How are we involved? The Global Alliance on Disability and Healthcare Innovation (GANDHI), together with the Duke University School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, is excited to announce a forum targeted to both students and faculty on strategies employed to strengthen health systems around the world.

Apr 13

Visible Thinking celebrates the achievements of undergraduate researchers and explores their original scholarship in the humanities, natural sciences, engineering and social sciences.