Bass Connections projects, courses and summmer programs are aligned with five thematic areas, each hosted by one of Duke’s interdisciplinary institutes and initiatives.

Brain & Society
Using brain science to help solve society’s most pressing problems
9 project teams in 2017-18
5 interdisciplinary courses
Information, Society, and Culture
Exploring the evolution of society and culture through the lens of data
16 project teams in 2017-18
7 interdisciplinary courses
Global Health
Working creatively and collectively to address health disparities worldwide
11 project teams in 2017-18
9 interdisciplinary courses
Education and Human Development
Contributing to positive life outcomes for children in a global society
16 project teams in 2017-18
3 interdisciplinary courses
Using interdisciplinary thinking to address tomorrow’s critical energy and environmental challenges
10 project teams in 2017-18
6 interdisciplinary courses