EGR 95FS-03: Sustainable Energy Project: Engineering Design and Communication

Fall 2022

Instructor: Rebecca Simmons

In this course, students learn and apply the engineering design process to solve an authentic energy design problem. A variety of local and international nonprofits, companies, medical facilities and organizations pose real-world design questions related to sustainable energy. Students are placed on a team based on their project preference, working together for the duration of the semester to solve these questions. The first half of the course is devoted to defining and researching a design problem, establishing design goals, brainstorming solutions and using a decision matrix to select a solution. The second half focuses on prototype development, iteration and testing with the goal of meeting the established design goals. The final goal of the design project can be a functional device prototype or a new process or computer program. Students develop their communication skills by writing technical documents and giving oral presentations.

Part of Focus Program cluster: Global Energy: Past, Present and Future. Open only to first-year students in the Focus Program.

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