Partners Beyond Duke

Building linkages across all of Duke’s schools and interdisciplinary units, Bass Connections depends on partnership. We extend the principle of collaboration to the many communities in which our project teams are active. Most Bass Connections project teams work with community partners outside Duke, including nonprofits, universities, school systems, hospitals, government agencies and private companies. Teams have worked with 352 partners in 35 countries on five continents in addition to cities and towns around the U.S., the Carolinas and right here in Durham.

Engagement with External Partners

In 2019-2020, 43 of our 68 year-long project teams had one or more formal community partners or clients, totaling 130 external affiliates. And each Data+, Story+ and Student Research Training team had a partner, sponsor or client.

Please contact us to learn more about getting involved as a community partner.

For Universities

We increasingly field inquiries from educational institutions looking to learn about the Bass Connections model and our approach to collaborative, interdisciplinary, problem-centered inquiry. We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and work with colleagues.

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By investing in Bass Connections, our alumni and friends play a vital role both in building this transformative program to its full potential and helping to set Duke apart among top universities. And through the Bass Challenge, which will match one dollar for every two dollars you contribute (a 1:2 match) of all endowment or expendable gifts to the program from $100,000 and up, you can increase the impact of your gift dramatically.

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More Information

If you would like to learn more or get involved with Bass Connections, please contact Laura Howes, Director. To learn more about our impact in communities and work Bass Connections’ team members have accomplished, visit our Impact section.