Student Stories

Public Policy

When I saw this Bass Connections project, I was excited for the opportunity to work on Medicaid reform in North Carolina—especially at a time when states have really been at the forefront of innovating in health care—to think about what we could do to further improve the public health of citizens in North Carolina.

Public Policy

We as students don’t just come into a Bass Connections project with one skill or area of expertise, but with all the experiences that have gotten us to this point.

Global Health

Needless to say, it’s been a spectacular summer. We’re still loving Sarawak and all the adventures (and food) it has to offer.  

Program II

I am grateful for this opportunity to travel and do field work internationally as well as expand my knowledge and understanding of cervical cancer and global health.

Biomedical Engineering, Global Health

The research that I have done on the Pocket Colposcope has been one of the most meaningful aspects of my time at Duke.


I believe my participation in the GANDHI team will help me gain a more holistic understanding of health and the factors required to sustain health for disabled individuals.

Public Policy

This project presents me with the opportunity to marry my two different academic interests together.

Public Policy

I hope to be able to improve health outcomes through policy practices and public health measures, especially for individuals living with disabilities.


I am excited to engage with students, faculty, and professionals at all levels across multiple disciplines to begin to improve individuals’ quality of life after an acute injury or illness.

Program II

I believe the cross-cultural approach that GANDHI adopts in examining health policy is meaningful, as it promises to generate insights into how we can better ease the hospital-to-home transition for newly disabled persons around the world.

Program II

Bass Connections is a unique platform to apply what I learn in the classroom to the real world.

Global Health, Sociology

I am in the process of data mining—basically savaging over this output, and seeing what pieces go together, what genes act in the same pathway, and contribute to the same function.

Physical Therapy

Ultimately, our long-term goal is to use these efforts as a foundation in partnership to address patients’ rehabilitative needs across the care continuum.


I’ve been at Duke for a long time, but this is really one of the first opportunities I’ve had to work on a project that’s research-focused but also has really broad applications where I know the research can be used down the road to actually help somebody or something.

Environmental Sciences & Policy, Law

Members of the Bass Connections Animal Waste Management and Global Health team had the privilege of attending the Farm to Feast as a team-building activity last October.

Environmental Sciences & Policy, Global Health

With a further understanding of the innovative system and the benefits, I think our team will be better able to explain the positive effects and how it actually works.

Environmental Sciences & Policy

As we complete our ‘theoretical’ scoping document and move forward intending to engage in and spearhead ‘practical’ action, behavioral economics insights are all the more pertinent.

Environmental Sciences, Global Health

Global health allowed me to broaden the health aspect of my studies. I learned about Professor Bill Pan’s project in Peru, and it seemed like an amazing way to integrate environmental health and epidemiology.

Environmental Management

The farm tour experience allowed us all to think critically about what the benefits and drawbacks are of our current systems and their alternatives.

Environmental Management

While we already had a diverse group, consisting of students and faculty concentrating on engineering, environment and economics, we still required inputs from experts outside our group.

Del Villar

It’s been very useful to take the knowledge that I’ve gained in the classroom and be able to see how it applies in the real world.

International Comparative Studies, Public Policy

As a part of our research, this semester the DEPTH team volunteers at Genesis Home’s Study Buddy after-school program and makes on-site observation.

Global Health, Public Policy

There’s this myth that Latino parents are not as involved as other types of parents. We wanted to investigate that and see if that was really true. And what we learned is that it really is false.

Public Policy

In the future I want to work in education and policy, and foster an environment where policymakers are listening to parents.


Through Bass Connections, I have had the opportunity to help build and implement a neuroscience curriculum for ninth graders in Durham public schools alongside six other Duke students.


I enjoy being a part of a research team that allows its undergraduate members to be so involved in the project.

Public Policy

It was really fulfilling to see the research process through from start to finish, and I’m grateful to Duke for allowing students to participate in such an innovative and intellectually stimulating program.


The trip ignited my passion for Brazil. It made me realize I want to either work in Brazil or work on issues that impact Brazil and Latin America.

Economics, Global Health

Because North Carolina has one of the largest hog industries in the country, there are tons of waste not being utilized.

Economics, Psychology

Our project gave us a much deeper understanding and appreciation for how policy changes can help move us in the right direction for environmental conservation.


My year on this project team was a great experience. Not only did I learn a ton about social spending in the United States, I also gained research, problem-solving, and presentation skills.