Student Stories


As a result of having worked with a multidisciplinary team, my writing changed and improved with the goal of reaching wider audiences.

Anna Johns Hrom

Bass Connections gave me an opportunity to put the tools gained from both the law and history curricula to use in a problem-oriented setting.

Adair Citlalli Necalli

This team, which has been such a large part of my time at Duke, is coming to a close. All I can do is be grateful for the experiences and opportunities for growth it has given me, both personal and academic.

Mercy DeMenno
Public Policy

Engaging with our fantastic team of interdisciplinary researchers and policymaker partners throughout the RRRR project enhanced the quality of my academic work, enabled translation of individual and collaborative findings into actionable policy recommendations, and provided innumerable professional development opportunities.

Travis Knoll

Bass Connections has gifted me with mentors and peers (faculty, graduate and undergraduate students), resources and the luxury of time to experiment, connect and learn through field experience.