Bass Connections Follow-on Student Research Awards

Bass Connections brings together faculty and students—from all levels and schools—in interdisciplinary research teams. Faculty, graduate/professional students, undergraduates and postdocs apply their skills and perspectives to generate creative solutions to complex problems in five theme areas. In addition to more than 45 project teams each year, Bass Connections offers curricular pathways to complement a student’s major or program of study. As part of our support for these curricular pathways, Bass Connections provides limited funds to support students who wish to continue some aspect of their team’s work through a follow-on research project.

Follow-on research funds of up to $3,000 are available to undergraduate and graduate students who have completed (or are completing) a Bass Connections project team and propose to continue some aspect of the team’s work through a faculty-mentored research experience. Funds may support travel, equipment or other needs associated with the research project.

Graduate and undergraduate students who are currently participating on a Bass Connections project team, or have previously participated on a Bass Connections project team, may propose research experiences. Students must be enrolled during the period of the grant, and students who have previously received a follow-on research grant may not apply again.

Past Recipients