EHD 290S-02: Social Science Research Lab: Evaluating Healthcare Innovation

Spring 2021

Instructor: Jessica Sperling

Do you want on-the-ground experience in applied social science research? The Social Science Research Lab engages students in project-based learning in social science research principles and their real-world application.

This course is in partnership with the Duke Institute for Health Innovation, which promotes transformative innovation in health and healthcare. It will include a dual focus on 1) methods and practices in social science research, including community-based and applied practice; and 2) substantive issues related to the partner, including healthcare as a cause and consequences of social problems, evolution of healthcare financing and administration, and innovation’s role in solving healthcare challenges. Throughout the semester, students will apply their research and evaluation training through research/practice partnerships with DIHI health innovation projects. By the end of the semester, students will develop responsive applied research/evaluation proposals for DIHI-supported health innovation projects. This course will count as an elective for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate and the Science & Society Certificate. It can also serve as a Civic Engagement & Social Change Certificate elective if aligned with a student’s pathway within the certificate.

Students who take this course will have the option of enrolling in a second-semester component in Fall 2019. In this second-semester option, students will implement the evaluation research projects developed in the spring course with their applied partners. 

The Lab is intended for undergraduates, ranging from first-years to seniors, who are interested in applied research. It will prepare students for future research endeavors at Duke and beyond, including participation in Bass Connections projects. The Lab is based in Duke’s Social Science Research Institute.

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  • SCISOC 290
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