EHD 290S-01: Social Science Research Lab: Evaluating Healthcare Innovation

Spring 2022

Instructor: Jessica Sperling

The Social Science Research Lab engages students in project-based learning in social science research principles and their real-world application.

This course is in partnership with the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). Students gain foundational knowledge in applied social science methods and in related evaluation research, including collaborative research processes. Students also gain foundational knowledge on topical issues related to CTSI, including: key issues in healthcare, especially as causes and consequences of larger-scale social problems and the role of clinical and translational research advancement in solving challenges in healthcare. Students will combine knowledge to develop an applied research/evaluation research project for real-world CTSI-supported interventions/initiatives.

This course will count as an elective for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate and the Science & Society Certificate. It can also serve as a Civic Engagement & Social Change Certificate elective if aligned with a student’s pathway within the certificate.

The Lab is intended for undergraduates, ranging from first-years to seniors, who are interested in applied research. It will prepare students for future research endeavors at Duke and beyond, including participation in Bass Connections projects. The Lab is based in Duke’s Social Science Research Institute.

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  • SCISOC 290S-01
  • GLHLTH 290S-01
  • SOCIOL 290S-03
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