Showcasing Your Work

Virtual Showcase.

In lieu of the annual in-person Fortin Foundation Bass Connections Showcase, we invite all 2019-2020 project teams to participate in a virtual showcase of their work to be hosted on the Bass Connections website. We encourage teams to be creative in exploring formats that will best showcase their work.

Listed below are several suggestions for team deliverables for this year’s virtual showcase. Please note that these options are not mutually exclusive. Teams can choose to submit a research poster and a digital presentation, and we strongly encourage teams to tie their deliverables together through a team profile.

Research Poster

Teams may submit a poster by April 22. Please see our detailed Poster Guidance, which includes updated details regarding deadlines, templates, submission and prizes. Note that we have included several helpful resources for teams creating posters, including the option to schedule a virtual poster consultation with data visualization expert Eric Monson.

Digital Presentation

Teams may submit alternative displays of their work by April 22, including short, student-led lightning talks, videos, Prezi presentations, infographics, websites, digital exhibits, etc. If your team is interested in submitting a talk, please see our detailed Guidance for Preparing and Presenting Your Lightning Talk, which includes tips for planning, recording and submitting your talk. Please also consider scheduling a virtual lightning talk consultation with research communications expert Jory Weintraub.

Team Profile

Teams may submit a ~500-word team profile to by April 22. A team profile features a summary of your team’s work and should include an overview of your research question and team structure, key research findings, reflections on team successes and challenges, as well as team photos, posters and alternative displays (e.g., website, digital exhibit, presentations, video) where applicable. Please see these digital narrative examples: