Visualizing Venice (2014-2015)

Venice is a man-made miracle, the “city in the sea.” Yet Venice is also the product of ongoing and evolving relationships with the surrounding lagoon, and the city is the aggregate of many transformative changes over time. The city continues to change as it adapts to new functions, such as tourism, and this is especially important in relation to the challenges presented by global warming and sea-level rise.

Visualizing Venice is an interdisciplinary and cross-divisional teaching-training-research initiative that engages students in technology and the disciplines of Architecture, Engineering, History, Art and Architectural History, Archaeology and Environmental Science to map and model how human institutions and natural phenomena propel change in the man-made and natural environment over time. Students had the opportunity to take courses and participate in research teams both at Duke and at Venice International University, using state-of-the-art digital laboratories for mapping and modeling data from remote sensing and other tools for gathering information about the city and the lagoon.



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Faculty/Staff Team Members

Caroline Bruzelius, Arts & Sciences-Art, Art History, and Visual Studies*
Mark Olson, Arts & Sciences-Art, Art History, and Visual Studies*
Guillermo Sapiro, Pratt School - Electrical & Computer Engineering*
Mariano Tepper, Pratt School - Electrical & Computer Engineering

Graduate Team Members

Alexandra Dodson, Art and Art History-PHD
Sinan Goknur, Art and Art History-PHD
Jordan Hashemi, Electrical/Computer Engg-PHD
Amanda Lazarus, Art and Art History-PHD
Max Symuleski, Cmp Media, Arts & Cultures-PhD
Christopher Tralie, Electrical/Computer Engg-PHD

Community Team Members

Venice International University

* denotes team leader


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