University-assisted Community Schools (2019-2020)

This project aimed to establish an equitable and sustaining partnership between Duke, North Carolina Central University and Durham Public Schools. In order to learn more about existing models, team members visited New Mexico State University, Milwaukee Public Schools Community Schools Partnership, United Community Schools in New York City, University of Central Florida and University of Pennsylvania.

Team members conducted an assets and needs assessment. They found that undergraduate students and Durham Public Schools reported a need for more tutor preparation in pedagogy. Undergraduate students with prior experience working with pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students reported feeling more competent. Undergraduates also reported building fulfilling relationships. Overall, the team found that undergraduate students are motivated to tutor Durham students because of a sense of responsibility for the community, a desire for personal relationships with the young students, and a chance to explore potential careers in education.


Fall 2019 – Spring 2020

Team Outputs

#InThisTogether: A Collective Approach to Student-Engaged Research and How Two Durham Universities Joined Forces to Defend and Transform Durham Public Schools (p. 47, Article by Jessica F. Benton, Yolanda L. Dunston, Amy L. Anderson and Alec D. Greenwald)

University Partners for Durham Public Schools (Fortin Foundation Bass Connections Virtual Showcase 2020)

University-assisted Community Schools (poster by Alec Greenwald, Yolanda Dunston, Amy Anderson, Jess Benton, Eliza Mathew, Erma Smith-King, Lindsey Miller Furiness, Chi Vo, Kevin McLeod, Kisha Daniels, Adam Hollowell, Jamie Eaton, Brie Russell, Aaron Crouse, Debra Best, Erica Phillips, Akelo Agingu, Jasmine Benner, Nicole Bonna, Alex Cho, Ce’Ondra Ellison, Milan Hamilton, Amaya Jackson, Stephanie Mayle, Bella Miller, Lillian Park, Joshua Podl, LaDearia Poulson, Michelle Qiou, Raisa Reed, Songia Wynn)

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Songia Wynn

This Team in the News

How Duke and NC Central University Are #InThisTogether to Support Durham Schools

Duke–NCCU Group Visits Orlando to Learn About Community Partnership Schools

See related team, Strengthening Partnerships between Durham Public Schools and Local Universities (2020-2021).


Images: Courtesy of Bull City Community Schools Partnership blog

Courtesy of Bull City Community Schools Partnership blog.

Team Leaders

  • Amy Anderson, Arts & Sciences-Program in Education
  • Yolanda Dunston, School of Education, North Carolina Central University
  • Alec Greenwald, Academic Advising Center

/graduate Team Members

  • Aaron Crouse, Divinity-MDV
  • Brianne Russell, Liberal Studies-AM

/undergraduate Team Members

  • Akelo Agingu, NCCU Student, Political Science (AB)
  • Jasmine Benner, NCCU Student
  • Nicole Bonna, Public Policy Studies (AB), Cultural Anthropology (AB2)
  • Alex Chao, Computer Science (AB)
  • Ce'Ondra Ellison, Psychology (AB), African/African Am St (AB2)
  • Milan Hamilton, Psychology (AB)
  • Amaya Jackson, NCCU Student, Psychology (AB), Biology (AB2)
  • Stephanie Mayle, Political Science (AB)
  • Isabella Miller, Psychology (AB), Global Health (AB2)
  • Lillian Park, NCCU Student, Music (AB)
  • Joshua Podl, Public Policy Studies (AB)
  • LaDearia Poulson, NCCU Student
  • Michelle Qiou, Public Policy Studies (AB)
  • Raisa Reed, Psychology (AB)
  • Songia Wynn, African/African Am St (AB)

/yfaculty/staff Team Members

  • Jessica Benton, UNC-Chapel Hill–Ph.D. Student
  • Deborah Best, School of Medicine-Pediatrics
  • Kisha Daniels, Arts & Sciences-Program in Education
  • Jamie Eaton, North Carolina Central University
  • Adam Hollowell, Sanford School of Public Policy
  • Girija Mahajan, Duke College Advising Corps
  • Eliza Mathew, Community Affairs
  • Kevin McLeod, School of Medicine-Family Medicine and Community Health
  • Lindsey Miller, Office of Civic Engagement
  • Erma Smith-King, North Carolina Central University
  • Quynh-Chi Vo, Duke Office of Durham and Community Affairs

/zcommunity Team Members

  • North Carolina Central University (NCCU) - Department of Nursing
  • Durham Public Schools
  • Bull City Community Schools Partnership
  • North Carolina Central University (NCCU)-School of Education