Story+ (2018)

Story+ is a six-week summer research experience for undergraduate and graduate students interested in bringing academic research to life through dynamic storytelling. Undergraduates work in small teams with graduate student mentors, in a collaborative and creative research environment. Each project has a sponsor. Students learn to conduct qualitative, humanities-based research (e.g., archival research, narrative analysis, visual analysis, ethnography) and to communicate their research through effective storytelling techniques. Final projects may take the form of writing, websites, exhibits, short films or other genres, depending on the project’s goals.

2018 Projects








Team Leaders

  • Meg Brown, Duke Libraries
  • Laurent Dubois, Arts & Sciences-Romance Studies
  • Jonathon Free, Energy Initiative
  • Valerie Gillispie, Duke Libraries
  • Arianne Hartsell-Gundy, Duke Libraries
  • Deborah Hicks, Social Science Research Institute
  • Rachel Ingold, Duke Libraries
  • Yoon Kim, Duke Libraries
  • Amy McDonald, Duke Libraries
  • Laura Micham, Duke Libraries
  • Mark Neal, Arts & Sciences-African and African American Studies
  • Luke Powery, Divinity School
  • Hannah Rozear, Duke Libraries
  • Kearsley Stewart, Duke Global Health Institute
  • Kelly Wooten, Duke Libraries

/graduate Team Members

  • Sonja Andrews, Divinity-MDV, Gender Theology and Ministry
  • Eladio Bobadilla, History-PHD
  • Summer Dunsmore, MFA/Experimental and Doc Arts
  • Nicole Higgins, English-PHD
  • Peace Lee, Doctor of Theology
  • Ayanna Legros, History-PHD
  • Hannah Ontiveros, History-PHD
  • Claire Payton, History-PHD
  • Allison Raven, History-PHD
  • Ellen Song, English-PHD
  • Max Symuleski, Cmp Media, Arts & Cultures-PhD
  • Alexander Yoshizumi, Master of Environmental Management, Energy and Environment, Geospatial Analysis

/undergraduate Team Members

  • Ethan Ahuna, Sociology (AB)
  • Sadia Ayaz, Cultural Anthropology (AB)
  • Cameron Beach, Political Science (AB)
  • Malcolm Brown, Religion (AB)
  • Gia Cummings, Public Policy Studies (AB)
  • Ce'Ondra Ellison, Psychology (AB), African/African Am St (AB2)
  • Winston Foreman, History (AB)
  • Elizabeth Grantland, English (AB), African/African Am St (AB2)
  • Aasha Henderson, Sociology (AB)
  • Alexandra Kadis, History (AB)
  • Alan Ko, History (AB)
  • Naomi Lilly, African/African Am St (AB)
  • Sanha Lim, Computer Science (BS)
  • Nicole Lindbergh, History (AB), Computer Science (AB2)
  • Ashley Manigo, Visual and Media Studies (AB)
  • Kezia Matson, History (AB), Global Health (AB2)
  • Brennen Neeley, English (AB), Philosophy (AB2)
  • Samia Noor, Public Policy Studies (AB)
  • Alyssa Perez, History (AB)
  • Zara Porter, Public Policy Studies (AB)
  • Morgan Ruff, Public Policy Studies (AB)
  • Jacob Satisky, Public Policy Studies (AB)
  • Gi Shin, Art History (AB)
  • Caroline Waring, GCS in Literature Program (AB)
  • Nina Wilder, English (AB)
  • Mary Helen Wood, History (AB)
  • Gretchen Wright, English (AB), Classical Civilization (AB2)
  • Elaine Zhong, Economics (BS), History (AB2)

/yfaculty/staff Team Members

  • Holly Ackerman, Duke Libraries
  • Arianne Hartsell-Gundy, Duke Libraries
  • Kelley Lawton, Duke Libraries
  • Heather Martin, Duke Libraries

/zcommunity Team Members

  • Mary Leland, Undergraduate Student - UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Joanna Welborn, Student Action with Farmworkers
  • Maria de Bruyn, Independent Scholar