Project Bright IDEA: Finding Talent and Giftedness in Children of Diverse Backgrounds (2014-2015)

This project team engaged undergraduates, graduate students and faculty in research, evaluation and scaling-up of a ten-year, Javits-funded Project Bright IDEA launched in 2004 by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the American Association for Gifted Children. The team focused on finding alternative curricula to better cater to students from disadvantaged backgrounds in North Carolina schools. Basing its research on an earlier iteration of the project that developed the curricula, this year’s team was tasked with evaluating it and implementing it more broadly. Team members visited communities and engaged with educators and students, and conducted research (both statistical and qualitative case studies) in schools that are using the Bright IDEA model and variations on the models.




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Finding Alternative Curricula for Disadvantaged Students

See earlier related team, Project Bright IDEA: Finding Talent and Giftedness in Children of Diverse Backgrounds (2013-2014).

As part of the team, I interviewed teachers, principals and superintendents to hone in on our best practices. I visited some of the 30 schools that are now using our curriculum in order to sit in on classes to evaluate and tweak implementation. I gained valuable experience in IRB approval, qualitative interviewing and research project design, while making great friendships with students and professors. –Ray Li

Faculty/Staff Team Members

William Darity, Sanford School of Public Policy*
Angel Harris, Trinity - Sociology*
Daniel Turner, Duke Social Science Research Institute

Graduate Team Members

Sachi Takahashi-Rial, Masters of Public Policy

Undergraduate Team Members

Arden Kreeger, Public Policy Studies (AB)
Ray Li, Political Science (AB)
Megan McGufficke, Int Comparative Studies (AB)
Molly Walker, Political Science (AB)
Liaowang Zou, Statistical Science (BS), Public Policy Studies (AB2)

Community Team Members

Margaret Gayle, Cook Center on Social Equity, American Association for Gifted Children

* denotes team leader


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