Live Processing and Live Art: Performance and Technology (2013-2014)

This project team expanded on emergent design in practical engineering, live art and contemporary performance as well as cultural and performance studies methodologies to encourage an expanded awareness of creative space and possibility surrounding information processing. The team’s work combined the manipulation of data-intensive live processing with the making of live art works. The module included visits to the Museum of Contemporary Art (Raleigh), the North Carolina Museum of Art and the Nasher Museum of Art.



Team Outcomes

i wish i’d never met you (performance by AJ Laudenslager, Jayne Ratliff and Huanbing Xu)

Duke University Dance Program ChoreoLab 2014: Intermission Objects

This Team in the News

DeFrantz: Bass Connections, SLIPPAGE Residencies, and Professional Works

Walters: Directs Carolina Ballet Summer Intensive

Spring Dance Concert Pays Tribute to Duke Graduate’s Musical Legacy

Team Leaders

  • Martin Brooke, Pratt School of Engineering-Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Thomas F. DeFrantz, Arts & Sciences-African and African American Studies
  • Tyler Walters, Arts & Sciences-Dance

/graduate Team Members

  • Mendal Diana Polish, MFA/Experimental and Doc Arts
  • Shanshan Wang, MFA/Experimental and Doc Arts

/undergraduate Team Members

  • Breon Borders, Cultural Anthropology (AB)
  • Kevin Button, Electrical & Computer Egr(BSE), Computer Science (BSE2)
  • Brandon Chao, Electrical & Computer Egr(BSE), Computer Science (BSE2)
  • Hojeannie Chung, Electrical & Computer Egr(BSE)
  • Quinn Cook, Theater Studies (AB)
  • Imran Hafiz, Public Policy Studies (AB)
  • Josh Hairston
  • Stephanie Joe, Interdept Dance/VMS (AB)
  • Thomas Kavanagh
  • Thomas Klebanoff, Electrical & Computer Egr(BSE)
  • Yu Zhou Lee, Computer Science (BS)
  • Tze Kang Ng, Electrical & Computer Egr(BSE), Computer Science (BSE2)
  • Eufern Pan, Political Science (AB), Dance (AB2)
  • Zachary Podbela, Electrical & Computer Egr(BSE), Computer Science (BSE2)
  • Christopher Streiffer, Electrical & Computer Egr(BSE), Computer Science (BSE2)
  • Rasheed Sulaimon, Sociology (AB)
  • Peter Yom, Electrical & Computer Egr(BSE), Computer Science (BSE2)