An Innovative App to Enhance Course Performance (2014-2015)

How can educational institutions help students understand their progress both within a learning unit and across a semester?

This project team developed an app that helps students understand their progress in a course through an engaging, visual interface. Team members led continued development of the app and explored delivery to market through internal and external start-up opportunities.



Team outcomes

FlowGhost app

This team in the news

Faculty Perspectives: Craig Roberts

Team Leaders

  • Nicholas Carnes, Sanford School of Public Policy
  • Craig Roberts, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences

/graduate Team Members

  • Tara Gu, Master of Egr Elec & Cmptr Egr

/undergraduate Team Members

  • Sidharth Gopinath, Computer Science (BS)
  • Christina Lan, Economics (BS)
  • Reyina Senatus, Electrical & Computer Egr(BSE), Computer Science (BSE2)