Education and the Changing Brain (2014-2015)

How can we find reliable knowledge about the brain that will create good teaching practices?

This project team developed a series of engaging online modules designed to reveal the role of neurobiology in learning and to test methods in interactive education. These modules were initially targeted to undergraduate students, with planned expansions for teachers and parents. Team members learned about neuroscience myths and facts that are relevant to teaching, explored technological tools and media that could allow this knowledge to be shared with others and designed learning modules that contain the relevant information and are presented in a way consistent with what they learned about good teaching.

Team Outcomes

Education and the Changing Brain (poster)

Education and Mental Health, India (Parth Arvind Chodavadia, honors thesis for graduation with distinction in Global Health)

This Team in the News

Distinctive Global Health Grads (Parth Chodavadia)

This project team was originally part of the Education & Human Development theme of Bass Connections, which ended in 2022. See earlier related team, Education and the Changing Brain (2013-2014).

Team Leaders

  • Laura Hans, Social Science Research Institute
  • Craig Roberts, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences

/undergraduate Team Members

  • Parth Chodavadia, Neuroscience (BS)
  • Shane Neibart, Biomedical Engineering (BSE)
  • Burcu Ozler, Philosophy (AB), Psychology (AB2)

/yfaculty/staff Team Members

  • James Speckart, Social Science Research Institute