Charter Schools, Diversity and Noncognitive Assessment (2013-2014)

In collaboration with Central Park Elementary School (CPES) in Durham, this project team investigated the impact of CPES's experiment with a lottery admission program weighted toward low-SES families while piloting new ways of evaluating the progress of children in many currently unassessed dimensions.



This Team in the News

Three Bass Connections Participants Named Fulbright Scholars

Team Leaders

  • Steven Asher, Arts & Sciences-Psychology and Neuroscience
  • David Malone, Arts & Sciences-Program in Education
  • Jan Riggsbee, Arts & Sciences-Program in Education

/graduate Team Members

  • Sara Allman
  • Kate Parkinson, Psychology-PHD, Psychology-AM

/undergraduate Team Members

  • Matthew Hamilton, Program II (AB)
  • Megan McCarroll
  • Bridget Meaney
  • John Anthony Sullivan, Public Policy Studies (AB)