Charter Schools, Diversity and Noncognitive Assessment (2013-2014)

In collaboration with Central Park Elementary School (CPES) in Durham, this project team investigated the impact of CPES's experiment with a lottery admission program weighted toward low-SES families while piloting new ways of evaluating the progress of children in many currently unassessed dimensions.



This Team in the News

Three Bass Connections Participants Named Fulbright Scholars

/faculty/staff Team Members

  • Steven Asher, Arts & Sciences-Psychology and Neuroscience*
  • David Malone, Arts & Sciences-Program in Education*
  • Jan Riggsbee, Arts & Sciences-Program in Education*

/graduate Team Members

  • Sara Allman
  • Kate Parkinson, Psychology-PHD

/undergraduate Team Members

  • Matthew Hamilton
  • Megan McCarroll
  • Bridget Meaney
  • John Anthony Sullivan