PUBPOL 590S-04: The Politics of Education

Fall 2022

Instructor: Stanley Litow

This class will focus on the state of public education in America and the potential ways of addressing the challenges of improving student achievement. The course will begin with a review of the historical context of education in America – the role of states, school districts and localities and the federal government – before moving on to the most recent context, including the current role of school districts and states, and the role of key stakeholder groups (i.e., teachers and teacher unions, principals, community organizations, parents and the private sector). The course will focus attention on the current challenges of: teacher recruitment and retention, the controversy over educational standards and the Common Core, the challenge of improving teacher quality, and college readiness and completion. The course will also cover educational governance, choice, the status of Charter Schools and a range of issues connected to school funding including operational and managerial efficiencies.

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