NEUROSCI 267: Neuroethics

Spring 2020

Instructor: Scott Huettel, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

This course will focus on emerging ethical controversies concurrent with advances in neuroscience. Background material that will be covered includes concepts and methods in neuroscience and theories of ethics and morality from philosophy, law and other fields. Ethical topics that will be covered include biological bases of morality; emotions and decision-making; neuroeconomics and neuromarketing; pathologies of mind and behavior; and volition and legal culpability. The course format is comprised of combined lectures, discussion and interactive activities, with case studies and real-world examples (e.g., neuroimaging as legal evidence). Prior coursework in neuroscience and/or ethical inquiry is recommended. Learn more.

  • PSY 278
  • PHIL 353
  • ETHICS 269
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