My Bass Connections Pathway

September 28, 2015

Ray Li, a Trinity 2015 graduate who studied Political Science, Public Policy and Education, was part of the Bass Connections project team Project Bright IDEA: Finding Talent and Giftedness in Children of Diverse Backgrounds

“As part of the team, I interviewed teachers, principals and superintendents to hone in on our best practices. I visited some of the 30 schools that are now using our curriculum in order to sit in on classes to evaluate and tweak implementation. I gained valuable experience in IRB approval, qualitative interviewing and research project design, while making great friendships with students and professors. There’s also no better de-stressor in a tough week than watching the exuberance of kindergarteners as they learn names of animals and their favorite foods. My Bass Connections experience inspired me to continue studying education policy from all angles.”

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