ECE 383: Introduction to Robotics and Automation

Fall 2022

Instructor: Genevieve Lipp, Siobhan Oca

Robotics as an application draws from many different fields and allows automation of products as diverse as cars, vacuum cleaners and factories. This introductory course is a challenging introduction to basic concepts used broadly in robotics and is valuable for students who wish to work in the area. Topics include simulation, kinematics, control, sensing and system integration. The mathematical basis of each area is emphasized, and concepts are motivated using common robotics applications and programming exercises.

Students will participate in two projects over the course of the semester in which they will implement algorithms that apply each of the topics discussed in class to real robotics problems.

NOTE: For ECE majors, this course may be counted as a concentration elective in the area of Signal Processing, Communications & Controls.

  • ME 442