I&E 290-03: Innovation, Product and Design

Fall 2021

Instructor: Edward Timke and Megan Kelly Deyncourt

Through this exploratory course, students will foster a learning mindset by expanding their self-awareness and enhancing their teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills. As the course unfolds, students learn about their biases, strengths and values; find ways to communicate with and trust others on a team working toward a common mission; observe and anticipate the needs of others; and develop ways to influence others through creative storytelling and systematic problem-solving. Students also grapple with ethical questions and challenging problems that cannot be solved without establishing a realistic cultural empathy. Class sessions involve interactive exercises that apply theory to practice, self- and group assessments, dynamic guest speakers and applied creative projects.

  • CULANTH 290-03
  • ETHICS 290-03
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