Resources for Graduate and Postdoc Mentors

Access Resources to Build Your Mentoring Skills

“Cultivating a Culture of Mentoring” Resource Center

This website from The Graduate School explains what it means to be a mentor and offers strategies for successfully building relationships with mentors/mentees. It includes a list of resources that can help you navigate the mentoring process, including tools, books, websites and on-campus consultation services. In addition, it provides suggestions for mentoring a team with cultural diversity.

Mentor Duke

This free app helps mentors and mentees schedule, plan and track mentor/mentee goals and interactions. It is available to anyone with a Duke NetID and an Apple device.

How to Obtain the Mentoring You Need: A Guide for Graduate Students

This website from University of Washington offers resources to help graduate students understand their own mentoring needs, as well as resources to help faculty improve their mentoring of graduate students.