ENVIRON 216S: Environment and Conflict: The Role of the Environment in Conflict and Peacebuilding

Fall 2024

Instructor: Erika Weinthal

The course examines environmental and natural resources as a source of conflict and/or peacebuilding between and within nations and states. Students will analyze the role of the environment in the conflict cycle and international security. Topics will include refugees, climate change, water and infectious disease. Particular focus will be on post-conflict and rebuilding in war-torn societies. Students will examine the role of international organizations, non-governmental organizations and emerging standards for environmental management. Examples will be drawn from conflicts such as Rwanda, Israel/Palestine, Nepal, Sierra Leone and others. 

Instructor consent required

  • ICS 229S
  • POLSCI 367S
  • PUBPOL 279S
  • RIGHTS 229S
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