ENERGY 590-01: Energy Case Competitions

Spring 2020

Instructor: Gary Wedding

There are enormous technical, scientific, policy and business challenges in the energy sector — from how to power the world’s growing electricity needs with lower carbon dioxide emissions to how to provide basic power to the billions of people who have none around the world. The number of case and business plan competitions in the energy space is increasing, all designed to address these technical, economic and social challenges. 

This course will simulate a case competition format in order to provide students with experience working collaboratively in teams to address energy sector challenges, and provide the business, entrepreneurship and finance competence necessary to succeed in real-world competitions and jobs.

In addition to the prestige associated with competing and placing in these competitions, employers are increasingly using business case competitions as a screening device in their hiring process, as these competitions simulate “real world” experience and reveal information on how prospective employees function in teams, work under stress, conduct market research, write effectively and concisely, think creatively, make the business case and deliver convincing oral presentations. The course thus delivers both "hard" and "soft" skills necessary to succeed in the energy sector.