EGR 95FS-01: Emerging Materials and Technologies for Energy Future

Fall 2022

Instructor: Nico Hotz

This course explores novel materials and technologies that have the promise to fundamentally transform the current energy infrastructure. With the ever-growing global demand for clean, efficient and affordable energy, entirely new approaches are needed to solve the potential energy crisis humanity is facing. This course presents a broad introduction to a wide range of materials and technologies. Several faculty members from different engineering departments discuss emerging topics in materials science and engineering related to their research, including novel photovoltaic and photocatalytic materials, solar-thermal applications, thermoelectric power generation, batteries and other electrochemical systems, biomass-derived fuels and computational materials science for discovery of novel materials. The understanding of these approaches is deepened through readings, case studies and student presentations.

Part of Focus Program cluster: Global Energy: Past, Present and Future. Open only to first-year students in the Focus Program.

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