Faculty Perspectives: Joseph Egger

September 8, 2015

Dr. Joseph Egger led a Bass Connections project team that investigated factors affecting scalability in healthcare innovation and ways that social entrepreneurship can impact the acceptance and success of health interventions in East Africa. The team focused on a small health care entrepreneur in Kenya to measure successes in health practices in hopes of scaling up the amount of health entrepreneurship in the region.

Egger was especially interested in how the entrepreneurs interacted with their ecosystems as well as the public, government health systems and other related agencies.

“It’s been a really interesting experience to merge the global health side and the business school side, because we don’t always come at problems the same way. We’re all learning a lot in this process,” he said. “We’re writing a paper together, and as a group we went to the CUGH conference and presented a poster. That was a great experience. And a couple of our students participated in a case competition and actually won!”

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