Bass Connections Evaluation

An annual evaluation helps Bass Connections leadership to improve the program and to understand its impact on students, faculty and the societal issues addressed through the projects.

Highlights from the 2016-2017 Survey

A Distinctive Experience for Faculty

Please indicate the extent to which your Bass Connections team/typical scholarly project incorporates each of the following:


Faculty Plans to Continue Work

Do you intend to continue work related to the topic of your Bass Connections team in any of the following capacities? Please select all that apply.

Plans to continue

Skill Development

As a result of Bass Connections, to what extent do you believe you have improved in the following areas?

Skill development

Duke Senior Survey Results

In Duke’s annual survey of graduating seniors, those who participated in Bass Connections were more likely than other seniors to report that their experiences at Duke helped them improve their ability to learn on their own, communicate well orally, create original ideas and solutions, develop global awareness, function effectively as a member of a team and plan and execute complex projects.

  • 81% of undergraduates said that Bass Connections provided something unique to their learning experience at Duke by “a great deal” (50%) or “quite a bit” (31%)
  • 93% of undergraduate and graduate students would recommend the program to a friend
  • 96% of team leaders would recommend the program to a colleague

Overall, how satisfied are you with your Bass Connections team experience?


Earlier Evaluations

2015-2016 Evaluation Report and Highlights

2014-2015 Developmental Evaluation Report