Bass Connections Courses

These semester-long courses offer students a structure to gain expertise in addressing complex societal problems from a variety of academic and professional perspectives. Explore below or view handout for Spring 2018.

Brain & Society

  • Bio Bases of Behavior
  • Drugs and the Law
  • Sex/Gender - Nature/Nurture: Intersections of Biology and Society
  • Neuroethics
  • Music and the Brain

Information, Society & Culture

  • Bass Connections ISC/ISS Gateway - Information, Society & Culture
  • Virtual Museums: Theories and Methods of 21st-century Museums
  • History of Art Markets
  • Performance and Technology
  • Digital Durham
  • Research Capstone

Global Health

  • Fundamentals of Global Health
  • History of Global Health
  • Women’s Health and Technologies
  • Global Health Policy: Transforming Evidence into Action
  • Global Health Research and Ethics
  • Introduction to mHealth
  • Intercontinental Engineering Design
  • Global Nutrition: Over and Undernutrition in Developing Countries
  • Global Health Policy (755): Transforming Evidence into Action

Education & Human Development

  • Social Science Research Lab
  • Social Science Radio Workshop
  • Open Knowledge and Education Innovation

Energy & Environment

  • Energy and Society
  • Integrating Environmental Science and Policy
  • Energy Policy Analysis and Writing
  • U.N. Climate Change Negotiation Practicum

Bass Connections Open

  • Stories for Social Change: Confronting Sexual and Domestic Violence at Duke and in Durham
  • Managing Networks
  • Introductory Machine Learning for Data Science
  • Applications of Genome Sciences and Medicine