PUBPOL 590S-03: The Challenge for Business and Society: From Risk to Reward

Fall 2022

Instructor: Stanley Litow

This class will focus on the role of business in addressing some of the most critical societal problems such as labor practices, environmental performance, community engagement, supply chain practices and diversity and inclusion.

The course will begin with a historical view of the role business has played in cooperation with government and civil society, highlighting key positive and negative events from the past 100 years, before shifting focus to the current state of actions across the private sector. The course will also explore the role of governmental actions via regulation and legislation and the role of ethics in discouraging negative action and encouraging real leadership.

Students will then focus on the future, discussing ways that the private sector can exercise leadership to engage communities, government and civil society in formulating a range of innovations to address societal concerns and solve problems effectively. To the extent possible, the course will engage external guests.

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