I&E 295S-01: Arts Entrepreneurship

Spring 2023

Instructor: Douglas Green, John Supko

In this course, small teams of students from different fields will work together on an arts-based entrepreneurial project. The goal of the course is to create a business plan and launch ventures in areas of the arts.

Adapted from the Fuqua Program for Entrepreneurs, the course will facilitate projects designed to have a real/positive impact on society. Students in the course will learn to situate artistic creativity within projects that meet societal need.

Instructor Consent Required: Students from any background are welcome to apply for enrollment. All applicants must have interest in arts or working with artists in entrepreneurial context.

  • MUSIC 295S
  • DANCE 201S
  • DOCST 295S
  • ARTSVIS 295S
  • VMS 295S