Tracking Infectious Disease in Malaysia

May 10, 2018

Taping the Measure of Everyday Life episode on Malaysia

Three Bass Connections team members appeared as guests on “The Measure of Everyday Life,” a weekly public radio program highlighting work to improve the human condition, to share their experiences researching respiratory diseases in humans and animals.

Laura Borkenhagen, Jane Fieldhouse and Sarah Philo spoke with Dr. Brian Southwell, director of the Science in the Public Sphere Program at RTI International and an adjunct professor at Duke’s Social Science Research Institute. The episode aired on WNCU on May 6 and is now available on the program’s website and iTunes.

Sarah Philo and Laura Borkenhagen

Philo is a master’s student in Global Health; Borkenhagen and Fieldhouse received their master’s degrees last year and stayed on to continue working with team leader Gregory Gray at Duke One Health.

Jane Fieldhouse

Undergraduate team members Kerry Mallinson and Rick Tsao did their part to share research findings by presenting a lightning talk at the Bass Connections Showcase on April 18.

Kerry Mallinson and Rick Tsao

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Photo 1 by Bailey Clemmons (Borkenhagen, Fieldhouse, Southwell, Philo); photos 2 and 3 by Jim Rogalski (Philo, Borkenhagen; Fieldhouse); photos 4 and 5 by Beth Mann (Mallinson, Tsao)