Nominate a Grad Student or Postdoc for the 2023 Bass Connections Mentorship Award

February 6, 2023

Mentorship Award.

Graduate/professional students and postdocs play crucial roles on Bass Connections teams, mentoring undergraduate students as well as fellow graduate students, providing direction to the team at key junctures and serving as role models.

Through the Bass Connections Award for Outstanding Mentorship, we invite the Bass Connections community to recognize graduate/professional students and postdocs who have made tremendous contributions to the success of their team and positively shaped team members’ experiences. The awardee will be recognized by Bass Connections and will receive a monetary prize. One or two awards (group or individual) will be given each year.

Recognizing that Bass Connections is a collaborative endeavor, in addition to nominations of a single individual, we also welcome group nominations that recognize how graduate/professional students and postdocs on a team have worked collectively to provide critical leadership and mentorship support for their team. Please note that group nominations will be most appropriate in instances where nominators are seeking to recognize all graduate/professional students and postdocs in mentorship roles on the team together as one collaborative unit. Individual nominations may still be appropriate in instances where a team is trying to recognize a particularly strong mentor but does not wish to nominate the whole group. The strongest group nominations will include evidence of how the group works together to promote a strong team culture.

Please note that we have a separate award for faculty leaders.

Nominations should be submitted using our nomination form by Friday, March 24 at 5:00 p.m.

Exemplary Bass Connections mentors are those who:

  • Create a supportive environment for research and scholarship by fostering mutual respect and demonstrating sincere interest in the well-being of their teammates
  • Promote the success of project team members’ research and learning by providing open lines of communication, monitoring progress, and offering honest, constructive feedback
  • Develop the internal community and working relationships of their project team, and identify and address problems in a thoughtful, respectful manner
  • Encourage interdisciplinary learning by helping teammates create connections across disciplines
  • Commit to advancing students’ self-efficacy and professional development by connecting teammates with information, resources or networks to support their individual growth
  • Serve as role models for others, displaying a record of excellence in research and teaching

Eligibility and Nomination Information

To submit a nomination, please complete the nomination form by Friday, March 24 at 5:00 p.m. The nomination consists of basic background information along with a statement of support from each nominator.

Any 2022-2023 Bass Connections team member (student or faculty) may nominate any graduate student or postdoc participating on their 2022-2023 Bass Connections project team. Each nomination must include at least one statement of support from an undergraduate student. If the primary nominator (i.e., the individual who completes the nomination form) is an undergraduate, then an additional student recommendation is optional.

Please note that these are the minimum requirements for a nomination. In past years, the most successful nominations have included statements of support from multiple student team members and at least one team leader. Statements of support should include evidence and concrete examples of actions the nominee(s) have taken to improve team operations and culture and to develop relationships.

Please note that past recipients of this award are not eligible to receive it again.

Award Selection

Award winners will receive a monetary prize and will be selected from a pool of up to five finalists. The selection committee for this award will include members of the Interdisciplinary Strategy Council, the Bass Connections Student Advisory Council and program staff. Finalists will be contacted by April 7 and the winners will be announced in mid-April.

Please contact Bass Connections program coordinator Sarah Grace Engel at with any questions.

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