A Look at Bass Connections in Ten Videos from 2018

December 27, 2018

Take a look at selected highlights from 2018 in this collection of short videos from Bass Connections project teams and summer programs.

Community-engaged Research from Durham to Singapore

In April, the 2017-18 Bass Connections project teams shared their research with the community. In his opening remarks, President Vincent E. Price commended the teams for helping redefine higher education for the 21st century. read more »

Computer Science for Young People, the Open Source Way

In collaboration with Red Hat and local middle schools, a Bass Connections team is helping young people build coding skills through a program that other schools can freely adapt. read more »

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us Be More Moral?

By pairing the power of AI systems and human wisdom, a Bass Connections team is developing a tool for strengthening our moral capacities. read more »

Removing Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening

A Bass Connections team created a training program for community-level providers in the use of the Pocket Colposcope, developed by Duke researchers, in partnership with La Liga Contra el Cancer in Peru. read more »

Separating Truth from Fiction in Politics

A Bass Connections team created an app to provide “pop-up” fact-checking in real time, automatically, to help the public determine which political claims are accurate and which ones aren’t. read more »

An App Designed to Spark Connections

Guided by a graduate student mentor, three undergraduates on a Data+ team cataloged the growing list of co-curricular opportunities at Duke and developed an “e-advisor” app to recommend programs to students based on their unique backgrounds and interests. Data+ is a Bass Connections summer program. read more »

Preaching and Protest during the Civil Rights Era

A Story+ team investigated the relationship between the regular activity of Sunday morning preaching at Duke Chapel with the extraordinary public protest and social change between 1960 and 1964. Story+ is a Bass Connections summer program. read more »

Food’s Carbon Footprint

Professor Rick Larrick explains how we underestimate the environmental impact of the food we eat, and how small behavioral nudges can make a big difference. His Bass Connections team published a paper, “Consumers underestimate the emissions associated with food but are aided by labels,” in Nature Climate Change. read more »

A One Health Approach to Research on Viruses

Southeast Asia has been identified as a hotspot for infectious diseases due to the tropical climate and increased contact between humans and animals. A Bass Connections team spent the summer in Sarawak, Malaysia, conducting surveillance for respiratory viruses. read more »

Four Years of Interdisciplinary Research on Energy

From three Bass Connections teams to a DukeEngage project to summer internships, Aashna Aggarwal immersed herself in the vibrant culture of energy research at Duke. Her current team is investigating the business and policy landscape for energy access in Zambia. read more »

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