Judges’ Selection for Best Poster Goes to Team Exploring Health Needs of Refugees in Durham

April 17, 2018

A poster from a Bass Connections in Global Health project team has won the Bass Connections Poster Award, Judges’ Selection. The winning team will be recognized at the Bass Connections Showcase and presented with a gift card of $200.

This year’s judges consisted of selected Directors of Academic Engagement (DAEs), graduate student members of the Bass Connections Student Advisory Council and Bass Connections staff. Submissions were judged on clarity of presentation and articulation of the project; accessibility for a broad audience; and visual appeal and organization.


Addressing Global Health Needs Among Refugee Children and Families in Durham
  • By Esther Brown, Alexandra Chan, Maram Elnagheeb, Emily Esmaili, Pranav Ganapathy, Kelly Hunter, Brandon Knettel, Tyler Lian, Rita Masese, Danielle Mayorga-Young, Melissa McGovern, Deborah Reisinger, Nathan Thielman, Kathryn Whetten, Jake Wong, Ailing Zhou

Addressing Global Health Neeeds poster


Evaluating the Feasibility of Multi-Modal Educational Interventions to Improve Patient-Caretakers’ Health Literacy in Mulago Hospital Neurosurgical Ward, Uganda
  • By Chinemerem Nwosu, Sherry Yang, Sandra Batakana, Joao Ricardo Vissoci, Michael Muhumuza, Hussein Ssenyonjo, John Mukasa, Joel Kiryabwire, Anthony Fuller, Michael Haglund
ART Adherence and Social Network Structure and Function among HIV-Infected Women in Cape Town, South Africa
  • By Marta Mulawa, Shannon Elliott, Allison Geary, Alexander Volfovsky, James Moody, John Joska, Kathleen Sikkema
Supports and Barriers to Community-based Care for Children with Disabilities in Uganda
  • By Sarah Jean Barton, Lillian Blanchard, Alex Dai, Isabelle Doan, Alex Paulenich, Sahil Sandhu, Janet Prvu Bettger
Understanding Patients' Journey to Medication Adherence
  • By Shweta Lodha, Karley Whelan, Christiana Oshotse, Hayden Bosworth, Cheryl Lin, Pikuei Tu, Leah Zullig

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