Faculty Perspectives: Martin Brooke

November 6, 2015
Faculty Perspectives: Martin Brooke

What are the theoretical and historical implications of using technology in performance? How can data-intensive live processing be used to create live art works that transform our awareness of the space around us? Martin Brooke founded a course with Tommy DeFrantz and Tyler Walters to explore these issues.

A related Bass Connections project expands on design techniques in engineering, live art and performance and cultural studies methodologies. Each small group designs and builds an artistic performance piece and choreographs a way for themselves or others to interact with the piece.

"Our class Performance and Technology is cross-listed in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Information Science, Theater Studies and Dance," says Brooke. "We get an incredibly eclectic group of students taking it. The Bass Connections team does things that spin out of the class and we take further. Creating artists who understand technology, and engineers who understand art, is what our class and project are all about. I like to think about it like a vocabulary."

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