Faculty Perspectives: Emily M. Klein

November 30, 2015
Faculty Perspectives: Emily M. Klein

What are the key issues that confront our society in its need for clean, affordable and reliable energy, and what are some innovative approaches to help solve those challenges?

Professor Klein and Josiah Knight lead a Bass Connections project to identify, design and prototype new energy technologies, systems or approaches.

Small groups address the trade-offs among design choices, environmental impact and economic viability. The goal is to produce a useful prototype and an evaluation of its benefits and viability. Past projects have included a solar-powered vehicle, a biogas-powered generator and a green emergency power system.

“We put together teams of Pratt and Trinity undergraduates, as well as graduate students, to come up with their own ideas of what they’re interested in working on in the realm of energy and the environment,” says Klein. “I see that the learning process in working on teams is such a rich way to learn from each other. I find that I want more and more of that small group experience and exploration in my research and teaching.

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