Applications Remain Open for Several 2020-2021 Project Teams

February 17, 2020

apply now.

Did you miss the deadline to apply for a 2020-2021 Bass Connections project team?

The following project teams are continuing to recruit student team members. Applications are open and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The deadline to apply is March 6 at 5:00 p.m.

Please note that students who already applied for three teams for next year should not submit additional applications.

Project Teams Seeking Applicants through March 6

Building Duke: The Architectural History of Duke Campus

This project will combine historical research with digital technologies to create a chronological timeline of Duke’s buildings, landscape and infrastructure.

Defining Social Change through Music with El Sistema USA

This project team will seek to understand how unique El Sistema USA organizations are defining social change through music.

Expanding Latinx Representation in Health and STEM Careers: Evaluation of SALUD

This project team will conduct an evaluation of the Scholar Academy for Latinxs United for Diversity (SALUD) program that will assess the effectiveness of the curriculum and the program’s acceptability and feasibility.

Fostering Social Integration of Displaced Populations through the Performing Arts

This project team will examine how the performing arts can produce forms of cultural citizenship, promote social integration and create ties with displaced populations.

Impacts of Collaborative Learning in STEM

This project will investigate the impacts of collaborative learning on course-related behaviors and enthusiasm for course content in undergraduate STEM classrooms at Duke University.

Mental Health and the Justice System in Durham County

This project team will integrate data provided by the Durham County Detention Facility with health data to provide objective outcomes analysis for the Durham Crisis Intervention Team, the Durham County Detention Facility and the Criminal Justice Resource Center.

Migration, Urban Cultures and the Arts

This project team will develop a data-driven study of migration and its relationship to arts and culture.

North Carolina Wildfire Risks and Public Trust

This project team will investigate how people living in wildland-urban interface areas in North Carolina navigate and make decisions about risk, health, safety and information sources related to wildfires.

Nurturing Emerging Talent in K-2 Students

This project team will implement the Nurturing Emerging Talent mode of instruction to students in kindergarten through second grade and assess how this model contributes to higher achievement outcomes, particularly for students from racial minority or socioeconomically disadvantaged populations.

Ocean Evidence Gap Map

This project team will use ocean evidence gap maps to undertake in-depth literature reviews of the relationships between select conservation interventions and social-ecological outcomes.

Oceans of Microbiomes

This project team will develop a marine microbial model system in order to examine the interplay between the key temporal and spatial patterns that shape microbial communities and processes in complex environments.

Project Vox: Recovering the World of Women Philosophers in Early Modern Europe

This project team will strengthen and extend the work of Project Vox, a scholarly and pedagogical digital guide to early modern women philosophers.

Social Network Dynamics and Social Development among Preschoolers

This project team will collect and analyze social network data that can help illuminate how sociality and social cohesion develop among young children.

When I Was a Stranger: Immigration, Preaching and Religious Imagination

This project will consider how preaching has addressed important questions of hospitality, demographic change and public policy for “the other” to discern how preaching informs, ignores or intensifies the complexity of immigration policies and immigrant experiences.

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