Applications Remain Open for Several 2019-20 Project Teams

February 20, 2019

Apply now.

Did you miss the deadline to apply for a 2019-2020 Bass Connections project team?

The following project teams are continuing to recruit student team members. Applications are open and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The deadline to apply is March 8 at 5:00 p.m. Students who already applied for three teams for next year should not submit an additional application.

Project Teams Seeking Student Applicants through March 8

#MyVoiceMyBody: Minoritized Bodies in the Pulpit at Duke Chapel

This project will examine sermons by people “minoritized” across spectrums of gender, nationality and sexual orientation in order to advance the conversation about sermons’ potential to move local, national and international narratives toward inclusion and justice.

AvH250: Imagining Interdisciplinary Research for the 21st Century from an 19th Century Perspective

This project will explore the career and history of Alexander von Humboldt, a scientist most noted for bringing together different scientific and historical perspectives on Earth, including positing the first description of human-induced climate change and providing core launch points to other luminary scientists.

Building Duke: The Architectural History of Duke Campus from 1924 to the Present

This project will create a timeline of Duke’s buildings, landscape and infrastructure as well as a series of historical narratives that detail patronage and financing, architectural and landscape design, materials and labor as well as issues around identity, gender, class and race.

Coal and America: Coal Communities in Transition

This project aims to analyze coal’s rise and subsequent fall through the lenses of history and economics, with emphasis on how coal entwined energy, the environment and community over the past 200 years.

Consumer EEG Devices: Attention, Emotion, Privacy and the Brain

This project will develop and administer surveys to the general population to gain a nuanced perspective of views on brain data privacy across ethical, legal and policy contexts.

DECIPHER: Decisions on the Risks and Benefits of Geoengineering the Climate

This project will examine a series of risk-based decision scenarios involving geoengineering technologies to support a projection of the consequences of large-scale modification of the Earth’s systems to address climate change.

Developing Rapid Remote Assessments of Oyster Reef Health and Biodiversity

This project will explore novel methods and new technologies to help produce robust, rapid, cost-effective methods to assess oyster reef ecosystem health, habitat health and biodiversity.

Integration of Technology and Storytelling to Create a Visual Art Exhibit on Women's Health

This project will bring together three innovations – the Callascope, a Duke-developed device that allows for self-exploration of female reproductive anatomy; live imagery of the cervix; and storytelling created by women for women – to empower women to be active agents of their sexual health.

Mapping Legacy Lead in Urban Soils to Help Improve Children's Health

This project will produce the first soil lead maps in North Carolina to identify hotspots and guide management of construction.

Ocean Evidence Gap Map and Synthesis

This project will synthesize and assess evidence-related conservation interventions for coral reefs, mangroves and sea grasses.


This project aims to create open source curricula for middle school learners, foster equitable identity development and articulate a participatory and inclusive vision for computer science education.

Pocket Colposcope: Analysis of Bringing Elements of Referral Services to Community Care (New team!)

This project will partner with three Duke-affiliated community clinics in low-income settings in North Carolina to assess barriers to acceptance and implementation of the Pocket Colposcope from both the patient and provider perspectives.

Project Vox

This project will strengthen and extend the work of, a scholarly and pedagogical guide to early modern women philosophers.

Providing Clean Fuel for the Developing World: Technology Is Not Enough

This project will develop an alkaline water electrolyzer and hydrogen storage system that can provide fuel for cooking and heating at a lower cost than using electricity.

Representing Migration through Digital Humanities

This project will use digital humanities tools to creatively visualize human migration and interact with migration data and stories in exciting ways to open new conversations about the people, places and politics that are central to the long histories of human movement across the planet. Please note that only the Remembering the Middle Passage subgroup is still seeking applicants.

Scaffolding Ethics: How to Integrate Ethics into Engineering Curricula

This project will develop a framework that can be used by first-year engineering design teams to address ethical considerations.

Scholar Academy for Latinxs United for Diversity (SALUD): Mentorship and Leadership Program Model

This project will develop infrastructure for high school and college students to receive personal and professional development, mentorship and leadership skills via a 12-week curriculum centered on social determinants of health affecting the Latinx community.

Smart Toilet: A Disruptive Technology to Improve Health and Wellness

This project will focus on the engineering development, quality control, refinement, and business and regulatory strategy of the Duke Smart Toilet.

The Art and Craft of Saxophone Mouthpiece Design

This project will digitally archive the dimensional and material property differences between vintage and reproduction mouthpieces to document the differences in playability and tonal character.

Using Behavioral Science to Understand Why Some Durham Families Choose Non-public School Options

This project will use behavioral science to understand how Durham families are making decisions about school enrollment.

Youth, Music and Social Change: Building the Evidence Base with Kidznotes and El Sistema USA

This project will conduct research with Kidznotes, a music education program that serves 500 students annually in the Triangle, to understand the impact of parental involvement on participating youth.

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