Data+ 2018 Project Fair

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Data+ is a ten-week summer research experience for undergraduates and master’s students interested in exploring new data-driven approaches to interdisciplinary challenges.

Students join small teams (a maximum of three undergraduates and one master’s student) and work alongside other teams in a communal environment. They learn how to marshal, analyze and visualize data, while gaining broad exposure to the field of data science.

Data+ is offered through the Information Initiative at Duke and is part of the Bass Connections Information, Society & Culture theme.

Each student receives a $5,000 stipend for this full-time research experience (no classes or other employment during Data+). It is open to all Duke students at all levels and from all majors.

Data+ 2018 will run from May 29 through August 3. Student applications will open by late December, with rolling admissions through the end of February. Prospective applicants can stop by the Data+ Project Fair on Tuesday, January 16, 3-5 pm, in the Ahmadieh Atrium on the third floor of Gross Hall.

Theme / Category: 
Society & Culture
Information, Society & Culture