2021 Bass Connections Virtual Fair

The Bass Connections Virtual Fair was Friday, January 29.

Although the fair has passed, all Duke undergraduates and graduate/professional students are invited to learn more about 2021-2022 Bass Connections project teams by visiting project team pages and viewing applicable team videos. Specific links can be found in the table below. If a link is not listed, it is because that team has not submitted a video.

Applications for 2021-2022 Bass Connections project teams are now closed.

Project Team Video
A City and Its River: Durham's Ellerbe Creek Watershed https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/MyQFAA/
Alcohol Use Behaviors across Countries and Cultures https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/cxcFAA/
Alzheimer's Disease: Exercise Therapy and Brain Networks https://youtu.be/jCsBrh56cKA
American Predatory Lending and the Global Financial Crisis https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/8yEFAA/ 
Assessing and Improving Girls' and Women's Math Identity https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/JQkFAA/
Big Data for Reproductive Health https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/NRgFAA/
Biogeographic Assessment of Antarctic Coastal Habitats https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/TxYFAA/
Bioremediating Plastic Pollution to Conserve Marine Biodiversity https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/FRwFAA/
Bridging the Health Equity Gap for COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Durham  
Celebrating Latinx Culture with a Spanish Reading Program https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/rRUFAA/
Centering Pregnancy: Establishing an Inpatient Model at Duke https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/VxUFAA/
Community Engagement to Impact Epilepsy Health Literacy in Uganda  
COVID-19 and Household Well-being in Developing Countries  
Creating Artificial Worlds with AI to Improve Energy Access Data https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/2RQFAA/
Data+ (Summer program) https://youtu.be/i_3Q5GYPqF4 
Decoded Neurofeedback Toward Bias and Racism Mitigation https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/JRMFAA/
Developing Best Practices for Trauma-informed Teaching and Learning  
Developing Predictive Models for COVID-19 with Wearables Data https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/mxcFAA/
DukeLine: Peer Mental Health Support for Graduate Students https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/Ex0FAA/
Elections in a Pandemic: Looking Back, Looking Ahead https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/RyQFAA/
Empowering Prevention of Cervical Cancer: Women-inspired Strategies for Health (WISH) https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/UREFAA/
Empowering Youth Civic Action on Plastic Pollution https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/HQoFAA/
Energy and the Environment: Design and Innovation  
Engineering a Low-cost Device to Monitor Irrigation in Rural Kenya https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/NyUFAA/
Equitable Community Research Partnerships https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/txsFAA/
Ethical Consumption Before Capitalism https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/UwwFAA/
Evaluating Strategies to Reduce the Global Burden of Hearing Loss https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/ERUFAA/
Eye Tracking: Objective Assessment for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Youth Athletes https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/eRsFAA/
Field Testing a Mercury Capture System for Artisanal Gold Mining https://bit.ly/39vMX4m
Fostering Social Integration of Displaced Populations through the Performing Arts  
Impact of Declining Animal Populations on Tropical Forests https://www.screencast.com/t/qQSpEry2
Information, Perceptions and Health Behavior  
Intersections of Race, Justice and Disability in North Carolina  
Justice Reform Efforts and Effects on Self-sufficiency https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/UxYFAA/
Language, Music and Dementia  
Learning from Whales: Oxygen, Ecosystems and Human Health https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/CxwFAA/
Mental Health and the Justice System in Durham County https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/uQYFAA/
Movement through Racial Healing and Justice  
North Carolina Early Childhood Action Plan: Evidence-based Policy Solutions https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/YRIFAA/ 
Ocean Evidence Gap Map https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/dxYFAA/
Oceans of Microbiomes https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/mRoFAA/
Open Design Studio: Participatory Solutions for Human Flourishing https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/uRgFAA/
Policy Surveillance of Financing for Universal Health Coverage https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/NR4FAA/
Project Vox: Training a New Generation of Collaborative Scholars https://youtu.be/P4kzbbZ8rQE
Promoting Psychological Adjustment and Pelvic Health Among Female Cancer Survivors https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/RRYFAA/ 
Providing Clean Fuel for the Developing World  
Race and New Southern Politics https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/sQ0FAA/
Rainforest XPRIZE: Community Biodiversity Data Collection https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/dxEFAA/
REGAIN: Roadmap for Evaluating Goals in Advanced Illness Navigation https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/3RcFAA/
Revaluing Care in the Global Economy https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/6wwFAA/
Role of Physiotherapy in Ugandan Neurosurgical Transitional Care https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/WxgFAA/
Social Network Dynamics and Social Development among Preschoolers https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/gxcFAA/
Story+ (Summer program) https://youtu.be/ynHp0xiefz4
Strengthening Partnerships between Durham Public Schools and Local Universities https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/7xMFAA/
Sustainable Implementation of Laparoscopy in Low-income Countries https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/XxcFAA/
Synthetic Biology and Genetic Engineering for Human Health and Society: Duke iGEM https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/lxwFAA/
Treating Alzheimer's with Gene Therapy and the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/uwQFAA/
Trust and Violence in Healthcare  
Understanding Monkey Movement Using Conservation Technology  
Visualizing Systemic Housing Inequality https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/B_sEAA/
Wired for Learning: Enhanced Pedagogy for K-2 Teachers https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/VxcFAA/