Bass Connections is a new university-wide initiative that links faculty and students to respond to complex challenges through problem-focused educational pathways and project teams.

In the News

Bass Connections course brings together diverse students from dance, electrical and computer engineering, fine arts, and even a few basketball and football players to mix audio and visual engineering with creative design and performance. Read more here from Pratt School of Engineering. 

"Students should ground themselves firmly in one field—and attain some 'expertise'—before crossing over into others. Programs like Bass Connections exemplify this model of expertise before crossing disciplines." Read more here from the Duke Chronicle article 'What is the purpose of a Duke education?'

Duke is in transition and students, faculty, and alumni are coming home to a new home, which includes Bass Connections' influence on real-world education. Read more here about the ever-changing Duke University from The Chronicle.


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Join Bass Connections Education & Human Development for a screening and discussion of the award-winning documentary “The Interrupters" on Tuesday, October 21 at 6:00pm at Gross Hall 230. With T-shirt giveaway and free pizza!


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